Delaware Today Magazine Calls Wilmington Cool

Delaware Today Magazine just published a great story on Downtown Wilmington:

The Birth of Cool: Wilmington Grows in Popularity

Market Street, Wilmington, LOMA block

Here's a couple of excerpts:

singer-songwriter Jonatha Brooke played at the groundbreaking of the World Cafe Live at the Queen—in the middle of Market Street, in the middle of a workday, with hundreds of very excited people gathered ’round. It seemed to me that Wilmington had crossed some threshold of cool.
Downtown Wilmington now has the coffee shops and music, and plenty of people—urbane locals and newcomers have caught on—in numbers sufficient to support even more new housing. By the end of the year, BPG will have created well over 1,000 units, with more on the way soon, and it aims to attract five new restaurants downtown over the next 12 months.

You can read the entire piece here.

I am thrilled with the public recognition we're getting in Downtown Wilmington - a cool place for dining, entertainment and living.