Great insights on our Downtown

If you haven't heard about it already, you should check out Delaware - it is a great source for news, information, and insight about our region.

Venu Gaddamidi, the owner of Veritas Wine & Craft Beer, recently wrote a piece that was featured on the site about Wilmington.

Here's just a couple of excerpts from Venu's writing:

Upscale housing, entertainment venues, restaurants and family-oriented businesses are going up all over town. There are new collaborative plans for Wilmington creative corridor development. And there is a creative, technology and entrepreneurship revival happening.
If you want to be part of the change that Wilmington needs, then let me give you some advice: join us.
Visit Wilmington. Buy a cup of coffee or concert ticket in Wilmington. Buy a home in Wilmington. Open a business in Wilmington ... Be a part of the change by understanding and experiencing the truth of what life is and can be like in the City of Wilmington.

You can read all of Venu's piece by clicking here.

I appreciate his insights and I hope you'll join me in following his lead.