New skills lead to changed lives in Wilmington

I have posted about Delaware's premier coding school - ZipCode Wilmington - before. 

All of us who have heard about this school have recognized the potential it has for improving lives and helping companies based in the region.

Now, thanks to a new series on WHYY Radio, we're hearing about how much of a difference this school is making.

Here's an excerpt:

There are about 70 coding boot camps in North America, according to the industry group Course Report. All operate on the same basic premise — that smart, motivated people can become employable developers with a little bit of intense training.
Zip Code Wilmington stands out, though, in a couple ways. First, it’s a nonprofit boot camp, one of just a small handful. Two, it’s one of the very few that teaches Java — a computer language more commonly used in existing businesses, not start-ups. And three, it’s in Wilmington, a city with a lot of big, old financial institutions that rely on languages like Java.
About 60 percent of coding boot camps are in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, or Seattle. The usual suspects. So when something like this pops up in a place like Wilmington, it comes with equal doses of symbolic heft and civic aspiration.

I highly recommend clicking here to listen to the first report in the series about ZipCode Wilmington.

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