The Queen Theater Featured as a success story

Reinvestment Fund is a catalyst for change that integrates data, policy and strategic investments to improve the quality of life in neighborhoods throughout the region. 

The Reinvestment Fund website has just listed Downtown Wilmington's Queen Theater as one of their success stories.

Here's an excerpt:

Wilmington, Delaware is experiencing a period of change mirroring that of numerous cities across the country, where there is renewed interest in spending time downtown after the workday has ended. In Wilmington, revitalization efforts have focused on ten full blocks along Market Street, attempting to breathe new life into the city’s most historic commercial corridor.
The revival of the Queen Theater, in particular, is providing compelling reasons for Wilmington’s large working community to venture out to Market Street.

Click Here to see the full post and enjoy a great video featuring Hal Real, Gable Music Ventures, and Angela Sheik.

I am so proud of the great venues we have in Wilmington for all of our talented performers.