Anyone who knows the work Downtown Visions does is acquainted with the multiple hats worn by Will Minster - and he's just added another hat to his collection!

Will is Director of Business Development for Downtown Visions and full-time Program Manager for Main Street Wilmington, a division of Downtown Visions. Now he has joined Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International as a licensed real estate agent. With this dual role, he will be adding professional skills and resources needed to concentrate on small business recruitment and investment in the Downtown Business District.

We harnessed Will’s decades of experience as both a business owner and champion for downtown, and our Main Street initiatives have been incredibly successful. Since 2011, the Main Street Program has awarded 47 grants for building renovations, 50 grants for new signs or awnings and the removal of 26 roll down security gates. Minster has worked one-on-one with business leaders in the Central Business District to facilitate collaboration and participation in the mission of the downtown revitalization. 

Downtown Wilmington has changed dramatically over the last decade with new apartments, businesses, and co-working spaces. We are especially pleased to see innovative spaces like The Mill Space, 1313 Innovation, Start It Up Delaware and Factory Berlin. The tech and start up communities are bringing incredible energy to our downtown, as are the new residents. With this increase in activity, the focus has been placed on the retail mix and amenities that are needed to support the growing community.   

  • Site location for new businesses
  • Retail recruitment and retention
  • Market Analysis
  • Business consultation, connecting businesses to resources
  • Business Transition Strategies
  • Engaging the broader real estate community
  • Property Development

Exciting things are continuing to happen here in Downtown Wilmington!