Work Place

The Hub @ 1201


1201 N Orange St #700
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 884-6746


Around The Corner • Around The World

Instead of dull and restrictive cubicles, The Hub @ 1201 offers open spaces and alternative work stations. This means you can choose the type of setting that works best for your style. With its beautiful view of Wilmington, this spacious corner office is full of natural light and chock-full of amenities. Its ample lounge seating, dedicated desk space, and access to conference rooms, printers, and free WiFi makes it an ideal space for organizations who want to explore a unique work environment that promotes collaboration and creativity.

The Hub @ 1201 presents an opportunity for independent contractors, work-from-home employees, and those who frequently travel for business to do their work in a shared workspace. This type of environment can result in a type of energy that’s not easy to achieve when you’re in an isolated cubicle. Better yet, it also eliminates the distractions that many people experience when doing work outside of the office.

Overall, it’s the optimal location for workers from different walks of life to meet, work, and collaborate. Stat International may offer some of the newest spaces for co working Wilmington, Delaware, has to offer, but you’ll find it’s also one of the most comprehensive, comfortable, and cooperative environments in the area.