Downtown Visions History

In 1994, the State of Delaware and City of Wilmington granted Downtown Visions a charter for the management of the “Business Improvement District” of Downtown Wilmington. This 70 block area consists of 700 commercial buildings and approximately 355 street level independent businesses. Our long-term objective is to achieve full occupancy and a robust downtown environment for Wilmington.

Downtown Visions was formed in 1994 with the passing of House Bill 387, sponsored by then State Representative Joe DiPinto. This bill allowed for the creation of business improvement districts (BID’s) in the state of Delaware. In September of that year, Wilmington City Council passed an ordinance, sponsored by then-council president James M. Baker, which created WDBID, or Downtown Visions, a private, nonprofit organization committed to keeping downtown Wilmington clean, safe & attractive. Downtown Visions was originally authorized for a period of 5 years to provide premium security, cleaning and promotion services that enhance basic services provided by the City of Wilmington and individual property owners. In 1998, Downtown Visions was reauthorized by City Council for a period of 10 years, through 2009.

More recently, at the end of 2006, we were reauthorized once again for a 10 year period. That extension enabled us to significantly improve upon and expand our services, including establishing the Main Street Wilmington program. In 2015, Downtown Visions was again reauthorized for an extended period until 2024.

Annual Reports

2012 - 2013 Annual Report
2013 - 2015 Annual Report
2015 - 2016 Annual Report
2016 - 2017 Annual Report
2017 - 2018 Annual Report

In its first 10 Years:

Assisted in over 5,000 emergency situations (includes fire, medical, property damage & disabled vehicles.

Provided over 358,642 Merchant Contacts & Special Attentions (including checks on parking lots/garages).

Assisted Police in 2,247 Apprehensions.

Removed 1,521,730 pounds of trash from the Business Improvement District.

Provided security/assistance at over 3,556 events.

Assisted in dispersing over 15,000 intoxication/disorderly conduct/nuisance incidents.

Provided 8,256 escorts to people downtown.