Zip Code Wilmington Coding School


1007 N Orange St, Fourth Floor
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 256-5203

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Zip Coders come from all walks of life. No matter your age, gender, educational background, or career, Zip Code Wilmington coaches everyday, motivated people from diverse backgrounds into skilled, professional developers. Our program will give you the know-how and network to build a career you're excited about all while doing meaningful work. Join a dynamic group of people hungry to be in control of their career paths and love what they do. Become a Zip Coder. Meet our alumni and see how they transformed their lives and started a coding career in just 12 weeks.



503 N Tatnall St
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 477-7330


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NextFab is a network of membership-based makerspaces that provide access to tools, technology, education, events, and services for makers of any skill level.

Turn an idea into reality, develop a product or business, and create something you only dared to dream up - all while growing your own skills and finding your passions.



1007 N Orange St
The Nemours Building
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 573-6552

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses start, grow, and succeed nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and has been mentoring small business owners for more than forty years.

Over 40+ volunteer counselors participate in SCORE® in Delaware, and their combined experience and knowledge could match most Business School faculties. Our goal is to help businesses throughout Delaware and in nearby areas be successful by creating an on-going relationship with the entrepreneur and passing on our business knowledge gained through experience.

Delaware College of Art and Design


600 N Market St
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 622-8000

Founded through a creative partnership between Pratt Institute and the Corcoran College of Art and Design, Delaware College of Art and Design joins these distinguished institutions in charting the future of art and design.

DCAD's mission is to educate talented and dedicated students to become art makers, idea generators, problem solvers, and visual communicators who can redefine the way we perceive and experience the world around us. It also serves as a visible stakeholder, cultural anchor, and catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Wilmington.

The Delaware College of Art and Design is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

University of Delaware Continuing Studies


The University of Delaware has a great tradition of excellence, tracing its origins to the founding of Francis Alison’s academy in 1743 and growing into the research-intensive, technologically advanced institution of today. Through Professional and Continuing Studies, the University of Delaware extends its vast resources, research, technology and knowledge to you!

13 E 8th St (8th & King)
Wilmington DE 19801
(302) 571-5239

Delaware Technical Community College


333 N Shipley St
Wilmington DE19801
(302) 571-5300

At Delaware Tech we are an open-admission institution of higher education committed to Delawareans - to the success of our students, the local employers who hire our graduates, and our communities! Every year, tens of thousands of Delawareans take advantage of the opportunities for lifelong learning at Delaware Technical Community College including: associate degree programs that prepare them to go directly into the workforce; connected degree programs with area institutions for students seeking bachelor’s degrees; developmental and general education courses; workforce training and customized corporate training programs for adults in the workplace; summer camps for kids; and courses designed to enlighten and enrich the lives of retirees.