OperaDelaware gains praise far and wide

Critics and audiences are amazed at what they're hearing and experiencing in Wilmington thanks to OperaDelaware.

Anne Midgette, classical music critic for the Washington Post, had this to say about OperaDelaware's production of Amleto:

Opera Delaware mounted a solid production of “Amleto” (by E. Loren Meeker) with generic medieval costumes and an outstanding cast far better than many I’ve heard from companies with 20 times the funds. Throw in Barrese’s terrific conducting, and “Amleto” is not only a success story but an inspiration 

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It's a smart cast. And the singers and the creative team alike say this operatic Hamlet needs no apologies. 

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Christine Facciolo with WHYY's Newsworks writes:

More than 500 patrons are coming from beyond a 30-mile radius—the company is hoping to attract 1,000—including one devotee who will ride his motorcycle down from Canada to attend a matinee. The company has also attracted more than 800 new patrons.

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Gail Obenreder with the News Journal had this to say:

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, has stormed gloriously into downtown Wilmington.
The unwavering vision of OperaDelaware General Director Brendan Cooke and his staff – as well as the passion of conductor Anthony Barrese to revive “Amleto” – have led this old-yet-new work to Wilmington, resulting in a riveting and unforgettable evening.

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The story behind this opera is fascinating - take a look at this:

I am so proud of the work being done by Brendan Cooke and the whole team at OperaDelaware. Downtown Wilmington is simply the place to be for arts and culture.


P.S. To learn more about this incredible organization (and to get tickets to an upcoming performance), click here.

Wilmington is in the center of Arts and Culture

I want to pass along this message from our friend Brendan Cooke, Executive Director at OperaDelaware:

Please join OperaDelaware for the historic East Coast Premiere of Franco Faccio's lost Hamlet, and Verdi's Falstaff. Our first ever grand opera festival is attracting press attention from all over the world. So far, over 500 people are attending from outside a 30 mile radius of Wilmington, and almost 700 attendees who are new to our patron base. We'd obviously love to have the critics from Paris, Milan and London see full houses.

I continue to be impressed with the truly incredible talent that Wilmington attracts. I hope you'll join me in enjoying these beautiful and powerful productions!

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Downtown Wilmington Celebrates Shakespeare Day

Lunchtime on Market Street on Friday provided a real treat as the Delaware Shakespeare Festival coordinated a production of all of Shakespeare's plays in under an hour using more than 50 people from our community.

All of this took place in front of The Grand Opera House - and I would dare say we had participation from people from all walks of life and all of our great communities - artists, musicians, attorneys, business leaders, young, not so young, students, professionals, and more!

I am proud of our vibrant arts community in Wilmington - and I am proud that Downtown Visions helped sponsor and support this event.


Music and video talent featured downtown

I am so proud of the talent that is growing in Downtown Wilmington and the number of artists who are using downtown as the canvas on which to create their art.

Richard Raw is a dynamic musician and performer who has performed at events sponsored by Downtown Visions, who teaches young people throughout the region, and who makes a difference in our community.

Ivan Thomas is a talented filmmaker who offers valuable information through DETV.

Here's a video Ivan filmed and edited featuring Richard's newest song - filmed in and around Wilmington.

I am proud of the diverse talent we have in Downtown Wilmington.