Wilmington Storefront Project

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Downtown Wilmington and the Creative District is home to a vibrant and dynamic consumer experience with a unique mix of retail, restaurant, pop-up, gallery and other street-level spaces.


Building on the momentum and growth that the Downtown and Creative District have experienced in recent years, the mission of the Wilmington Storefront Project (WSP) is to coordinate marketing of available storefronts and engagement with prospective tenants in order to identify appropriate uses for available spaces.

Project Description

A group of invested partners are developing a comprehensive strategy to effectively market and fill currently available spaces. Known as the Wilmington Storefront Project, this collective effort is led by a partnership of The Buccini/Pollin Group, The City of Wilmington — Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, Downtown Visions and Wilmington Renaissance Corporation.

Development Phase Goals

  • Inventory of all available storefronts, including space description and rent agreement details

  • Collection of relevant market data that prospective tenants would want information on

  • Evaluation of most recent list of desired retail establishments

  • Production and distribution of marketing materials

  • Creation and promotion of WSP website

  • Development of a list of target commercial brokers

  • Development of a list of target regional small business owners

  • Development of a 15-month cultivation strategy

  • Engagement of a full or part-time individual to conduct cultivation

  • Development of benchmarking success measures and timelines

Core Operating Activities

  • Lead generation

    • Identification and outreach to prospective business owners

  • Engagement with interested business owners

    • Site location assistance

    • Assistance and consultation with regulatory approvals

    • Access to demographic and consumer market data

    • Business development technical assistance

  • Coordination of incentives

    • Marketing assistance

    • Façade improvement

    • Tenant Fit Out

    • Signage

    • Downtown Development District Grants

    • Low-interest long-term financing

Already have a business idea and plan? Use this site to get started on your State of Delaware licenses, certifications and permits. Already running a business? Use this site to get information about renewals or expansion, and connect to State Agencies.




The following properties are currently available and may qualify for incentives. Please contact Lani Schweiger at lschweiger@downtownvisions.org for information.

  • 101 W 9th St.

  • 105 W 9th St.

  • 113 W 9th St.

  • 107 W 9th St.

  • 214 W 9th St.

  • 216 W 9th St.

  • 219 113 W 9th St.

  • 224 W 9th St.

  • 226 W 9th St.

  • 302-320 W 9th St.

  • 401 N Market St.

  • 402 N Market St.

  • 404 N Market St.

  • 405 N Market St.

  • 406 N Market St.

  • 407 N Market St.

  • 408 N Market St.

  • 409 N Market St.

  • 410 N Market St.

  • 411 N Market St.

  • 412 N Market St.

  • 415 N Market St.

  • 417 N Market St.

  • 608 N Market St.

  • 627 N Market St.

  • 701 N Market St.

  • 727 N Market St.

  • 815 N Market St.

  • 824 N Market St.

  • 835 N Market St.

  • 907 N Orange St.

  • 909 N Orange St.

  • 925 N Orange St.