Innovative Companies Growing in Downtown Wilmington

We have some truly great, innovative, and successful companies growing in Downtown Wilmington, and our friends in the media are taking notice.

Carvertise is looking at a very big 2016, according to, "The advertising-via-ordinary-car company has grown from Nagaswami and his cofounder, Greg Star, to seven full-time and four part-time employees. As Carvertise has a handful of campaigns in the works for Delaware, the two cofounders are now looking to expand the business’ horizons." 

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The News Journal also just ran a story about our friends at The Kitchen, "The Kitchen is expected to hit $1 million in revenue for the first time this year. In the coming months, the company also plans to add two more staffers and open a new post-production suite in a 1,000-square-foot space..."

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Of course, we're thrilled with the great video The Kitchen put together for us!

These are just a couple of examples - Downtown Wilmington really is a great place to grow your business.