Open Bracket

This Weekend, Downtown Wilmington will be the epicenter of technology and innovation.

I'll quote from our friends at the News Journal and Delaware:

Nearly 200 programmers from around the country are expected to put their skills to the test during this weekend’s finals of the inaugural OpenBracket Delaware coding competition at the Grand.
The initiative was kicked off by Ben duPont, the connected Wilmington-based investor and cofounder of Zip Code Wilmington who wanted to help corral the dollars and dealers necessary to push Delaware into the national conversation. Tapping into an informal coalition of various economic development groups that go under the Reinventing Delaware banner, duPont called on Zach Phillips of The Kitchen, Tariq Hook of Zip Code, nonprofit First State Innovation, consultant Kirsten Wolfington and, full disclosure, Delaware, including this reporter.

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Great things are happening in Downtown Wilmington - and we're attracting some of the best and brightest from across the country.

I hope you get to check out this exciting competition this weekend!