Two Downtown Wilmington Businesses Featured in Article

The Cecil Whig just published a great story about two of our Downtown Wilmington businesses. Here's a couple of excerpts:

On Nov. 18, Tynisha Lomax celebrated her first anniversary as proprietor of Levitea, located at 228 W. Ninth St.
Visitors include those from London, Singapore, Canada and Australia. The teas are also served in The Green Room at Hotel du Pont.
“Tea brings internationals together,” she said
Two blocks away, Ninth Street Book Shop stands as a beacon at 730 N. Market St. Named for its original location, it now sits at the corner of Eighth Street.
Today, at the larger location, they house 20,000 books which include a selection of black fiction, nonfiction and author books; regional titles; and an extensive children’s section.
The steady flow of customers are welcomed with smiles and kind words. Most are called by name. “Some of my daughter’s first books came from here,” one customer shared.
Gemma added, “We have third-generation customers.”

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I am proud of the great job being done by all of our entrepreneurs and businesses in Downtown Wilmington, and it's great to see recognition coming from far and wide for our community.