2016 Ladybug Music Festival - more than expected!

On July 21, thousands of people came out to attend the Ladybug Music Festival – and it seems that beyond the great variety of music, the delicious food, and the fashionable vendors, we experienced something more.

Early in the event people started commenting on how special the event felt, how good it was to see so many smiling faces, and how much healing seemed to be taking place in the crowd as hugs, high-fives, and fist-bumps flowed freely. 

Here’s just some of the feedback we’ve seen:

At this moment in time,  where we are bombarded with and obsessed with why communities can not work together across diverse backgrounds….and while we are constantly reminded how unsafe it is to wonder out into cities across America, this community sang a different song. Everyone came together and provided good clean fun,  harmony, food,  music and “therapy" if you will, for those dreary from the ills of social media reporting on all the tragedies here and around the world that are all to often wrong, misleading and altogether senseless nonetheless. 

I was reminded reminded last week that it is ok to relax and come together for a greater cause and I am eternally grateful to all of you for you leadership, sweat and kinship. 

May G-D bless you all for the things you do, and I personally thank you all for your support of our community. I am quite sure, the community at large recognizes how special this night has become here in the City of Wilmington. 

Mike Schwartz
2nd and LOMA


I walked a few blocks over to the fifth annual Ladybug Festival in Wilmington. While the music was inspiring (shout out to Mary Lambert, Caroline Rose, Nadjah Nicole and Nicole Zell who held my attention tonight), it was the crowd that won me over. It was one giant melting pot of race, age, sexual preference, body types, fashion sense, musical taste and background. And, guess whatfor those few hours of the festival, everyone just enjoyed the small threads that brought us together, and united us.

-Bradford Wason


The Lady Bug Festival brings a mixture of raw talent, diversity and pure family fun to the streets of Wilmington.  Such a refreshing way to enjoy your fellow Wilmintonians.  Looking forward to next year already

-Ivan Thomas


I am so glad I was working at ladybug all night surrounded by thousands of people of every age race creed enjoying music and art and each other… Be active in your community, guys. Enjoy all that you can create and support through the arts, through being part of a community, and just respect and love each other. 

-Kerry Kristine


I was overwhelmed at the amount of talent both local and national that graced the stage as well as the smaller stages up and down market st. I would have never expected a festival such as this right here in Wilmington. I for one would definitely like to see more events like this in the immediate future.

-Lindsey Epps Tucker


Made me feel hopeful about the world - everyone was so joyful and friendly - and I was reminded of all the art and music in our city - a beautiful evening that lifts all of our spirits and brings us together.

-Noelle Picara


The ladybug festival was amazing. It was so exciting to see so many great women artist at once. I'm happy i was given this opportunity to be a performer. It has opened my eyes. This was an experiment that gave me the experience to say I'm ready for the next level! Nothing but up from here.

-Aziza Nailah


I seriously just could not stop thinking about the growth of the event and how incredible it was to see soooo so so many happy faces. Not a single bad vibe in the place! 

-Brianna Hansen


The Ladybug Festival offered all of us a glimpse of what we know we truly are – a city and a community filled with talent, diversity, and love.

I want to thank Gayle and Jeremy from Gable Music Ventures for organizing this truly special community gathering!