TEDxWilmington Conference

If you're not familiar with TED talks, I highly recommend clicking here to learn about these very interesting, engaging, and enlightening ways to help spread ideas.

The organization has licensed Ajit George to create a conference here in Wilmington - TEDx Wilmington - which is now in it's 5th and most ambitious year.

Ajit has gathered 38 speakers from four countries and 14 states who will present ideas worth spreading at World Cafe Live at the Queen on August 24.

Here's a sample of the topics and speakers:

·      “From Pawns to Kings: Chess Champions of Murder Town USA,” by Walter Durant

·      “Sex Trafficking in the US: Young Lives, Insane Profit,” by Yolanda Schlabach

·      “How to Graduate from College Debt-Free!” by Cornelius “Nippy” Betz, III

·      “Performance Anxiety—It’s Not Just for Men,” by Claudia Six, Ph.D

·      “Why Would Any Rational Person Run for Congress?” by U.S. Senator Chris Coons

·      “Lift Depression with These 3 Prescriptions—Without Pills,” by Susan Heitler

·      “Wealth Prejudice: How it Affects Us,” by Myra Salzer

·      “Can Tigers Tame Your Stress?” by Kevin Rose

·      “Sniffing Out Cancer: The Making of a Groundbreaking Documentary About Early Cancer Detection,” by Pina DeRosa and Adrian LaCorte

·      “How Rethinking Sex Segregation in Sports is the Key to Equality,” by Hudson Taylor

·      “9 Nos to One Yes: How Not Quitting My Dreams Changed My Life to Help Change Others,” by Allington Creque

I have no doubt that the ideas presented in Wilmington on the 24th will inspire and lead to change.

Click here to learn more about this amazing event.