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Martin Hageman, Executive Director of Downtown Visions Sees Progress and Hope in The City of Wilmington

Curious what "The Vision" is in Downtown Visions? Downtown Visions is proud to devote an overwhelming share of its resources to highly visible and effective on-street programs such as the following:

  • Business Marketing and Education
  • Historic Building Preservation
  • The Wilmington Farmer's Market
  • Signage and Facade Improvement Programs 
  • Security Gate Removal
  • Cleaning Ambassadors
  • Safety Ambassadors
  • Small Business Saturday
  • & Much More! 

Downtown Visions is a private, non-profit organization that manages the Business Improvement District in Wilmington. Our Main Street® program not only saves historic buildings, but also focuses on small business recruitment, business marketing and promotion, all of which work towards the greater effort of creating new jobs.

To support Downtown Visions fiscally or through volunteering, click here. 

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