Cleaning Ambassadors

Helping to keep Downtown Wilmington clean is a key mission for Downtown Visions. Our Cleaning Ambassadors supplement the services of the City of Wilmington to provide premium cleaning results. This ensures that Wilmington remains a neat, welcoming environment each and every morning. Last year, our Cleaning Ambassadors removed more than 214 tons of litter (that's 428,000 pounds!) and removed graffiti from more than 200 locations.


Downtown Visions employs 13 uniformed Cleaning Ambassadors and mechanical equipment, in two squads, seven days a week. In addition, the entire BID's sidewalks get power washed, except in winter, to remove accumulated gum and grime.


Graffiti and illegal posters send a message of shabbiness and indifference to any public space. Specially trained teams use solvents and high-pressure washers to blast graffiti from building walls, light poles, signs and street furniture.

If you spot trash or graffiti on a downtown street, click here to see how to report it.


Our team of trained Cleaning and Safety Ambassadors survey the district for violations and problems such as clogged sewers, code violations, broken fire hydrants, illegal trash disposal, and streetlights that are out. All problems and violations are reported promptly to the responsible public agency. Downtown Visions follows up to ensure prompt attention and service.

If you have or observe a problem or violation to report, click here for a list of relevant agencies to contact.


Downtown Visions Cleaning Ambassadors are on the streets seven days a week picking up trash, emptying receptacles, removing graffiti and illegal posters. Seasonally we remove weeds and leaves from sidewalks and tree beds. During the warmer months, we pressure wash the sidewalks.

For more information on how to become a Cleaning Ambassador click here.