Increased Summer Safety Patrol Hours Means Later Nights Enjoying All that The City has to Offer!

Downtown Visions Safety Ambassador

Beginning in May our Downtown Visions Safety Ambassadors team started new, increased hours within the Downtown Development District.  Hours during the week include Monday through Thursday starting at 6 AM until 11:45 PM and weekend hours are 9 AM thru 1:45 AM. 

We hope these enhanced service hours provide guests, residents and tourists with the opportunity to enjoy all that the city has to offer this summer. From the brand-new restaurants such as Stitch House to late-night shows at The Grand Opera House and The Queen. Our safety ambassadors are here to help you! 

You'll see our Safety Ambassadors up and down Market Street wearing bright yellow jackets. Our friendly team is devoted to serving you. Each ambassador receives 80 hours of in-house training in addition to field training on topics such as crime prevention, customer service, local history and local attractions. They can give you directions, information on restaurants, hotels and local shops — just ask!

The ambassadors also offer a safety escort service. Simply call (302) 425-4200 x1 to request a free Safety Escort anywhere within the neighborhood.