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Meet Loshawn, Downtown Visions’ Very First Employee!

Loshawn Maxwell

Now with over 50 employees, and making a major impact within the community, Downtown Visions’ Director of Administration, Loshawn Maxwell, has fond memories of the organization’s humble beginnings and is proud of how far it has come in her 24 years with the company. She and the company have grown up together. Coming from a small town in Maryland, Loshawn overcame her shyness, became more assertive and adapted to the ever-evolving needs of Downtown Visions.

Q. What does your job role encompass at Downtown Visions?

 A.“As the Director of Administration I manage all the administrative and financial responsibilities for the company, as well as, act as a human resource liaison and provide benefits administration.”

 Q. What made you decide to work for Downtown Visions?

A.“I attended Goldey-Beacom College and upon graduation I saw the job post for an Office Assistant.  I applied and interviewed for the position.  The Managing Director of Wilmington 2000 (founding organization of Downtown Visions) thought I would be great for the position and hired me on the spot.  It also didn’t hurt that at the time he sat on the Board of Directors of the College.”

 Q. What is one of your favorite moments within your career at Downtown Visions?

A.“Honestly, the journey to where I am today. I was able to, and continue to grow so much personally and professionally.”

 Q. What project that Downtown Visions was involved in are you most proud of?

A.“Holistically, the mission to create, manage and promote a quality environment for people who live, work and visit Downtown Wilmington. The purpose is what drives me, as it is all for the greater good.  I also enjoyed working on the committee that planned our 20th anniversary celebration.”

 Q.Where do you see Downtown Visions in 5 years?

A.“I see the organization continuing to be the go-to organization, growing our partnerships, having more relationships and building bridges between all of the great people and companies making a difference Downtown. We have seen so much change, and there are so many great people involved.”

 Q. What is your favorite activity or place in Downtown Wilmington?

A.“My favorite activity is walking down Market Street and restaurant hopping, enjoying cocktails at one place, dinner at another.”

Q. What do you like to do outside of work?

A.“I love spending time with family and friends, cooking, traveling. My favorite place to travel is to the Caribbean or anywhere warm.”

Lani Schweiger of Downtown Visions Featured on New Market Wilm

Lani Schweigner Downtown Visions

Join us in congratulating our very own, Lani Schweiger, Main Street Wilmington Manager and Senior Brand & Marketing Manager as she was just featured on New Market Wilm!

When you see the yellow jackets swarming on Market, you know Downtown Visions is on the scene. However, squint behind those scenes and you might catch a glimpse of Lani Schweiger – and if you don’t know what she looks like, you certainly know her style.

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Dave Loves Giving Back to the Community as a Downtown Visions Safety Ambassador

Meet our ambassadors who make Downtown Wilmington, Delaware a better place to live, work and play! 

Dave, a safety ambassador for Downtown Wilmington decided to move to the area and make his daily life about making a difference in the local community. He loves his work and is proud to be able to support the Downtown Development District. 

Feel free to ask Dave or any of our safety ambassadors for information about downtown. They can give you directions, information on restaurants, hotels and local shops as well as help you get where you need to go.

If you are in need of a safety escort, one of our friendly ambassadors would be happy to help. Call (302) 425-4200 x1 to request a free Safety Escort anywhere within the neighborhood, seven days a week; Monday – Friday 8:15 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.; weekends 9:15 a.m. – 11:30 p.m. 

Supporting Downtown Visions and their mission is simple, click here to make a donation.

Interested in making a difference each day while working? Check out Downtown Visions' current opportunities here. 

Who Are Those Individuals Wearing Bright Yellow in Downtown Wilmington?

2018 Downtown Visions Ambassador Training Academy Graduates

2018 Downtown Visions Ambassador Training Academy Graduates

Curious who the folks are wearing bright yellow in Wilmington, DE?

Join us in congratulating 13 of our newest cleaning & safety ambassadors that completed a two weeks academy and are now actively serving in Downtown Wilmington!

The academy provides an in-depth review of policies, practices & procedures including customer service training, patrol tactics, expectations of ambassadors, trained weaponless defense and conflict de-escalation training through the Wilmington Police Department.

Downtown Visions employs more than 30 uniformed Safety Ambassadors to assist the Wilmington Police Department in keeping Downtown Wilmington safe as well as provide public services. 

Each Safety Ambassador receives over 80 hours of in-house training in addition to field training on topics such as crime prevention, customer service, local history and local attractions. 

Every Ambassador wears a distinctive black and yellow uniform and carries a two-way radio. You can find our Safety Ambassadors patrolling the BID on foot and on bikes. Feel free to approach our Safety Ambassadors and request information about downtown. They can give you directions, information on restaurants, hotels and local shops — just ask!

Need an escort or a helping hand to assist you in getting to your vehicle? Call (302) 425-4200 x1 to request a free Safety Escort anywhere within the neighborhood, seven days a week; Monday – Friday 8:15 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.; weekends 9:15 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.